World Association for Hallyu Studies 1st Congress 2013, The Congress Sessions

Fortunately, all of the invited paper and essay writing winners were accommodated with really comfortable room in deluxe hotel, yes including me. So fortunately again, and absolutely of Prof. Oh Ingyu kindness, he gave me like 5 days free stay at the hotel. Thus, allowed me to have more time wandering Seoul, yooho!!


On 18 October 2013, the congress started with opening ceremony and awarding ceremony. Not to forget, we thanked our sponsor companies with any assistance and support they gave. I really want to mention them, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourist, GS Caltex, Pantech, Hitenjinro, Kangwon Land, KEPCO, Korea University and other academic institutions, Cultural related foundation including SM Entertainment. Even Kim Young Min, the current CEO of SM Entertainment and some production directors of the agency were and still are included as the advisory members to this association.


Shortly, the opening speech was directed by Keith Howard, a professor from SOAS, United Kingdom. He is such a professional in Hallyu, seeing his research in the field ever since 1988. Besides giving speech, he also gave a full presentation with the theme of “The Foundation of Hallyu – K-Pop’s Coming of Age”. From his slides, I guessed he fancied Seo Taiji and Boys a lot, if not mistaken that he also mentioned it directly. During the presentation, he explained and using the example of Seo Tai Ji and H.O.T group quite a lot too.


And so, the congress ran smoothly and really packed with so many sessions. They are these during the two days long congress: “K-Pop Dynamics”, “Hallyu and Religious Philosophy”, “Hallyu and Global Cultural Community”, “Korean Music Industry”. So in one session, it ran for two hours long and we chose to attend just one among five different rooms. The others were “Hallyu as Storytelling and Globalization”, “Hallyu Industries”, “K-Pop Musicology”, “Global Hallyu”, “Hallyu and Visual Culture”. And the next day were “Reinterpretation of Martial Arts”, “Korean Language and Hallyu”, “Hallyu in the Philippines”, “Hallyu in Latin America”, “Hallyu in China”. The next session were “K-Policy for Developing Countries”, “Hallyu and Ethics”, “Hallyu Technology”, “Korean Martial Arts Born Global”, “Paper and Essay Presentation”. And there were also some sessions closed only to The Board and Regional President, “Round Table: Policy Makers and Regional Presidents”, in which also invited some practitioners in K-Pop industry such as KBS and other entertainment company.

To Be Continued…


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