World Association for Hallyu Studies 1st Congress 2013, The Paper Contest


To begin with, World Association for Hallyu Studies (herein after called WAHS) is an association with the main objective of Hallyu studies in academia and multi-disciplinary field. Easily described, WAHS is a non-profit organization to promote and advance Hallyu as a global study. It was founded on January 28, 2013 by a professor from Korea University who has a great love and concern to Hallyu. For further information, you can check the English website here

WAHS was holding its first World Congress for Hallyu last year on 18 – 19 October. This congress invited a variety of scholars and participants from 23 countries to announce and discuss more than 100 papers on the theme of “Hallyu and Global Culture”. Luckily, I got the chance to join the congress as one of the session presenter.

Before the congress began, The Board and Global Regional Presidents invited academia, researchers, and students to submit their thought and research about Hallyu in the form of paper and essay writing contest. It also happened in Indonesia. Since May 2013, the publication already spread all over the institutions and universities from University of Indonesia, Sriwijaya University to the far away Tadulako University. I was appointed by WAHS President, Prof. Park Gilsung himself as the Indonesia Representative for Promotion and Publication and helping Global Regional Presidents for Indonesia, Ms. Fitria Mayasari (you can add her in Facebook here to do the duty in promoting that prior event.

In total, Indonesia sent around 60 participants to the contest. And on September, they announced Xena L. Atmadja (you can add her in Facebook here as the winner from Indonesia. She got the Second Award covering US$ 500 prize and got the chance to present her essay. I also joined the contest, but didn’t make it as the winner. So, how did I get the chance to attend the congress and present my paper? That was because The Board gave me privilege of free pass to the congress and because of the super kindness of Prof. Oh Ingyu (He is in charge of Director of General Affairs) who awarded me the slot in session presentation.

To Be Continued…


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