Mass Media Technologies and Popular Music Genres: K-Pop and YouTube

This topic presentation was under the congress session “K-Pop Dynamics”. Yes I followed that session because the tittle session was so attracted, right?

The presentation was drove by Prof. Oh Ingyu. The paper is written by Prof. Oh Ingyu from Korea University and Prof. Lee Hyojung from Yonsei University. You can read the abstract capture below.


So, he explained about how most of the popular music genre in Korea, or we can name it K-Pop, use new media a lot. The new media here, as we know, such as YouTube, iTunes, as long as Twitter and Facebook. He argued that the usage of YouTube as the Business to Business or B2B marketing way gave the easier yet lower profit value for the company than iTunes, CD and DVD.

Despite the low royalty fee that YouTube gives to music industry companies in Korea, they still prefer YouTube for its easy distribution and fast-reached media to the audience. We can see that K-Pop emerge the promotion and distribution of their entertainment products through YouTube, which is a free media for every internet audiences in the world can reach. And with the free access of YouTube, the complexity of product and copyright taken freely arise. Other than YouTube free downloading, there are also many free downloadable music sites that give no royalty at all to the entertainment companies or K-Pop agencies.


Prof. Oh Ingyu explained a lot about the K-Pop artist income after the complexity of free product and copyright in internet arise. He even gave the actual chart and graphic of SM Entertainment financial data as the sample. Overall he condemned such illegal download of Korean entertainment products by K-Pop fans. And with that, I also became aware of such loss from the K-Pop companies affected by the neglect and indifferent fans.

p.s : you can read the full paper by contacting me.



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