The 1st World Congress for Hallyu 2013, The Paper and Essay Winner Presentation


Finally the paper and essay winner presentation was held on the last day between the sessions. It was moderated by Mrs. Millie Creighton from University of British Columbia. Among 6 winners, there only came 5 winners. Unfortunately the grand winner from Palestine, Maysa Sameer didn’t come, yet I don’t know why. Although I really did hope she came, I just really curious about her thought to K-Pop or Hallyu.

So, here is the winner list:

  • Maysa Sameer from Al-Quds Open University “Why Did I Become a Fan of Hallyu?”
  • Xena Levina Atmadja from Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya “K-Pop Ring A Ding Dong in My Head”
  • Dredge Byung’chu Kang from Emory University “Being Fabulous, Becoming Spectacular: Embodied Mimesis, Delayed Authenticity, and Traditional Transgender Personification in Thai K-Pop Cover Dance”
  • Maria del Pilar Alvarez from Instituto de Altos Estudios Universitarios “Who Are The Fans?: Understanding the K-Pop in Latin America”
  • Irina Lyan from Hebrew University of Jerusalem “From Holy Land to “Hallyu Land”: The Symbolic Pilgrimage Through the Korean Wave Israel”
  • And me (but not the winner) “Hallyu Style as the Mecca of Indonesian Fashion”

That was in the morning session and the audiences already took their seat toward giving attentions to our presentation. WAHS President also came and that quiet made me nervous.


The first round went to Xena, she shared her personal experience of her first love to K-Pop, which was to SHINee. Besides that, she also shared her thought of how massive is K-Pop growth in Indonesia.

Next was Dredge, he is a master degree student who has research about transgender in Thailand. That time he presented about the phenomenon of K-Pop cover dance in Thailand. What unique was that he related K-Pop with transgender phenomenon in Thailand.


Maria is also a master degree student doing the research about K-Pop fans in Latin America. As the intermezzo, we should realize that currently K-Pop is trying to expand Latin America. Ever since last year, K-Pop already reached Brazil, Argentina, and other Latin America with their concerts and music festival. And as expected, the responds from fans in those countries are not disappointing. So, Maria presented the elements that are attracted to K-Pop fans there. It was shown that choreography was number one elements to gather many K-Pop fans love. Next were voice, aesthetic, rhythm, and last was lyric. Yes so agree, I think just like in the other countries mostly too.


And then friend from Israel, Irina, she brought her paper about the complete condition of K-Pop phenomenon in Israel. To shortened it up, she also shared the categories of Israeli fans, which are them who is female, young, single, educated, addicted, religious, and never been to Korea. And that was almost the same phenomenon in the other countries. See how K-Pop is so massive, systematic, and structured in expanding the wave.

And lastly, as the closing is my presentation focusing about Korean fashion in Indonesia and how K-Pop style became the role play to young generation taste of fashion. Yes that was before the local fashion brand campaign goes massive right now.


The winner session went smooth with the short discussions every after one presentation ended. I guessed that all of the audiences there could sum up the discussion and understood the value of the presentations we gave. That averagely, K-Pop is successful in bringing Korean culture, including Korean language to all of the countries fancied K-Pop. Congratulation Korea, your soft diplomacy goes successful and I deeply proud of that.

One more to inform, I was so proud that I was the youngest presenter there and thus the youngest participant to the congress.

For you guys, Hallyu fans or just Hallyu researchers, this year WAHS will held its second World Congress in Argentina. Like last year, we also held a paper and essay contest to select some winners that we will invite to present their thought in the congress. Come on guys, Argentina!!! And let’s cross finger that at least one of SM Entertainment artist will also come as the congress guest!! Since SM Entertainment is our sponsor.

Take a look in this website to know more about the contest rules and procedure or you can contact me for further guide (follow my twitter here or my facebook here Hey, the deadline is this coming 30 September 2014. You got many times to research more. Enjoy!!


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