Future Indonesian Fashion Blueprint in Indonesia Fashion Week 2014


The opening ceremony was attended by so many important persons, designers and companies, even misters also came. I got to see the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Cooperation and Small and Medium Enterprise bringing their roles to Indonesia fashion. One memorable thing that I still remember until now is a speech from Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy which was summed up in the next big project of Indonesia as The Center of Islamic Fashion 2015 and Indonesia Fashion Goes Global 2015.


Collaboration between governments, many parties such as APINDO (Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia or Indonesian Entrepreneur Association), APGAI (Asosiasi Pemasok Garmen dan Asesoris Indonesia or Indonesian Association for Store Garment and Accessories) , and Chamber Trade of Sweden and Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) created a breakthrough for Indonesia fashion in a form of a blueprint. “This blueprint focuses on the use of ready-to-wear craft fashion as an effective tool to penetrate the international market. Indonesia’s ready-to-wear fashion is characterized by the local culture, global quality and the green concept.” As stated by the press release of IFW. There were also movement to support and invite people to join the realization of the blueprint, such as local movement, green movement and Indonesia trend-forecasting and business.


The local movement can be done by developing the fashion products made locally and originally, all from the material, the craftsman and the labeling. It also needs active participation from fashion people to use local fashion brand.

“Indonesia Trend” will be dominated the Indonesia trend-forecasting and business movement. Besides joining the global trend to have its stage in global market, Indonesia fashion will also set its own trend to the front of global stage. And that the ready-to-wear fashion style will also brought to reserve the global market.

And lastly the green movement, that was already delivered during IFW four days event with banning the usage of plastic bag for shopping. So the organizers served goodie bags for visitors for their shopping bag as all of the fashion exhibitors didn’t give plastic bag to package the shopping. Yes all of 512 fashion exhibitors and 75.000 visitors did this campaign of “Plastic Bag Free Fashion Exhibition”. The movement will continue to uphold the Eco-Green and Eco-Friendly fashion, start from the material, crafting, fabrication, labeling, and even marketing will wisely use “Green Fashion” movement.

As mentioned before, IFW opened the door for a better Indonesian Fashion with the concrete action by the government. Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise formed a creative work group to improve national product quality. Because a better production of local product must start from the smallest part of fashion industry, the craftsman.

“The creation of local fashion also needs qualified branding for it to create more significant results. A good product quality needs to be equally supported by promotion efforts. For this purpose, the Ministry of Trade will support this branding effort through a national brand.” As quoted in the press release.


Soon all of the speech, the opening ceremony continued to show a dance performance from Earth Beat. They perform the combination of ballet and Indonesia traditional dances, combined with full of harmonic beat music. And then a quick runaway from all models showcasing designs full of Batik motive in futuristic cut. And finally, the ceremony ended with a procession by all of the models to escort all of the ministers to came out from the venue to the exhibition hall.

I immediately followed the procession and the minister sightseeing the exhibition hall. You can see me creeping behind the other photographer men and reporters to get a picture of Minister of Trade and Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy observing one booth with local material Tenun Ikat and Eco-Fabrication.



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