The Phenomenon And Most Awaited Dian Pelangi in Indonesia Fashion Week 2014


Bringing its proud design as always, Indonesian phenomenon young designer, Dian Pelangi came to IFW as the last performance under the show theme “Revealing Innocence”.

Dian pelangi, who was born on 1991, is the youngest member of APPMI (Indonesian Designer and Entrepreneur Association) and also a hero for Islamic Fashion from Indonesia. Soon after being interviewed by CNN, she took heart from many fashion people in Indonesia and Islamic fashion fans all over the world. Her first breakthrough was inspired by rainbow that described with its richness in color. She then applied it to her famous Islamic collection “Dian Pelangi”. Successfully conquered The International Fair of Muslim World di Le Bourget, Dian Pelangi is also diligent in campaigning Indonesian culture through every piece of her collections.


During IFW, Dian Pelangi came again bringing the most awaiting phenomenon fashion show rich and pack with various Indonesian culture. Yes, trust me, all of the photographer and reporter who sat in press area said that Dian Pelangi was the most awaiting show among all that day.

The atmosphere of the show was so great with its background sound of various Indonesian traditional songs remixed. Showcasing beautiful and hard-to-copy-cut collections with the characteristic from Aceh, Sumatera, Java, and Bali, all of the collections were custom design to wear in a party indeed.


Women and men collections were all pack with Batik, Songket and Tenun motive with local material and traditionally furnished with local embroidery and ornaments. She also cut the clothes to show the nice curve. And the color palate she chose  of dark red, green, brown, yellow, pastel, and light blue might symbolize grandeur look. To sum up, the designs were the modern version of Indonesian traditional costumes. Of course in the style of Islamic fashion.

You can check her collection and full gallery here

And have a look at the runaway video of Dian Pelangi here.


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