Welcome Princesses, “La Dolce Vita” by SHAFIRA


The first fashion show that I attended after the opening ceremony was by Shafira because I originally placed during all of the seminars and workshops.

Yup, so Shafira is an Indonesian brand for Islamic fashion. The designer, Feny Mustafa, tried to show the Italian concept in her collection with the theme of “La Dolce Vita”. Feny Mustafa indeed has characteristic to show off her glamorous and modern Islamic design mixed with Renaissance cultural concept. In the season, Shafira brought the fusion of shocking color on satin and organdy material, what the trend materials are now. Put some glitter, and your outfit looks more glamorous. That was how Shafira conquer “La Dolce Vita”.

Not only rich of Islamic women fashion, Shafira offers various Islamic men fashion. In the collection, you can also get from stylist ready-to-wear daily clothes until glamorous festivity clothes, just like a bride and princess clothes. And happy enough, you can update yourself to catch Shafira store special discount with affordable cost. After this, you can check up her newest collection “De’Rinascimento” here http://shafira.com/.

Oh by the way, you can also look at the nice video during the runaway of “La Dolce Vita” here.


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