2014 Korea – Indonesia International Exchange Matching: Supporting Global Labor Force Project


It was on last June 17, a seminar with the agenda of report hearing titled “2014 Korea-Indonesia International Exchange Matching : Supporting Global Labor Force Project”. It was held in Korean Cultural Center Jakarta, multifunction room, and so organized by Korean Cultural Center together with Korean Art Management Service and sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Republic of Korea. The seminar invited some media, art curators, festival and galleries operators and art and culture enthusiast to hear the awardees report of their researches in Korea.

“2014 Korea-Indonesia International Exchange Matching : Supporting Global Labor Force Project” is a program of NEXT, Next Expert Training, a corporation between Korean Cultural Center and Korean Art Management Service. The objectives of this program are to upgrade the participant quality in art and culture management, art and cultural exchange, explore the strategy of Korean art market, and expand network between organizations in art and culture. The project was held in three different places, which are Incheon, Busan and Paju. Bringing the research theme of “Incheon Art Platform and Revitalization Strategy in Chinatown Area”, “Case Study of Multi-cultured Complex Paju Hyeri Art Valley”, “Case Study of Folklore Festival: Busan International Theater Festival”.

Before the report hearing seminar and the fieldtrip research in Korea, this program already passed through some applications and interview from many participants since the last April. The total of three selected awardees, accompanied by one supervisor each, visited Korea for around 9 – 11 days to research the urban revitalization development, culture infrastructure and organization programs in each three locations to be adapted in Indonesia.


Those three awardees were Umi Lestari (duty in Busan), Dian Ina (Paju), Mitha Budhyarto (Incheon). Umi Lestari is a representative of ‘Hibah KARYA!’, a project from Indonesian Visual Art Archive coordinated by Indonesian Cultural Art Network and she is active as the editor in online art and culture media. Her research was about folklore festival through the 11th Busan International Theater Festival (BIPAF). Next is Dian Ina who has background in Art management, festival operator, and programmer in Salihara Community Galery. Her research was multi-cultured complex of Paju Hyeri Art Valley and focused on global exchange of ‘know-how’ management knowledge. And last is Mitha Budhyarto, the independent curator and lecturer in BINUS and UMN. She went to Incheon Art Platform and Chinatown Incheon to research the total activation of Incheon and the effect to environment citizen around the Art Platform and Chinatown, to be adapted to the revitalization plan of Kota Tua Jakarta.

Overall, this program is to upgrade the global capacity of art and culture labor and the expansion of network through exchange and fieldtrip to Korea to learn and apply their ‘know-how’ cultural infrastructure.

Actually I also join the selection. I sent my resume and proposal of my research in Paju Art Valley. I’m so interested of the revitalization of this art complex and how Paju can develop its economy through the art complex. But Korean Cultural Center might look for the most background in art and culture, while I only have it by my hobby and interest. That would not be qualified enough to earn duty directly to Korea. Let’s try again next with a better qualification. If you want to know the awardees contact and their further researches, please directly massage me J


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