Forest Asia Summit 2014 – What Must the Next Indonesian Government Do to Protect Its Forests? [Press Release]


The term of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is end. Indonesians already elected the next president. President Yudhoyono has taken many steps to protect his country’s forest and to help shift Indonesia on the path to a green economy. What can the next Indonesian government do to continue on this path? What steps will need to be taken in the coming years? Three experts from the Indonesian government, civil society and research will discuss.

Inviting the sources:

  • Heru Prasetyo, Head, REDD+ Management Agency, Indonesia
  • Bustar Maitar, Global Head, Indonesia Forest Campaign, Greenpeace
  • Shinta Kamdani, Vice Chairwoman, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Daniel Murdiyarso, Principal Scientist, Center for International Forest Research

In a press conference on last afternoon May 6, all four of the speakers gave information, answered the media questions and personally discuss with the media and professionals came to the room. Here are some information and knowledge I can share from Mrs. Kamdani, Mr. Bustar Maitar and Mr. Heru Prasetyo.

A high-achievement woman, Shinta Kamdani, who is already active in investment, green development and entrepreneurship shared her thought and information to us. What is the main point of developing steps to protect our forests? “Stock to middle company, not only big company, which is a program by KADIN (Kamar Dagang dan Industri Indonesia or Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Indonesia). The problem of that solution is trust. Trust between the company and all levels. Thus we also need a program before, capacity building to small holders, to make all levels qualified in fields. And we also have to push the government as the facilitator. If you would like to check the pageful MP3EI, you’ll find out that it’s far from growth project.”

Next is Mr. Heru Prasetyo to give his information. He was more to question the capability of the next president in sustaining and continuing the green growth program. And the same with Shinta Kamdani, he argued, “multi-stake holders approach for growth program, especially with REDD+ Indonesia. Private sectors too as partner for future growth. We know that in multi-stake holders and sectors, there’s thing called ‘disturbed neighbor’ that refers to sectors unrelated to the stock. And what Indonesia faces today is that there are still disturbed neighbor regarding this growth program. I mean to have more synergy between sectors, public or private.”

Lastly, Mr. Bustar Maitar who wished that we can also focus to turf (gambut) protection and gave a long speech about it and more to the forest protection technique.

Unfortunately, I lost the audio recording. So, I can’t provide you with more information 😦 But you can dig more information here


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