First Love… Burj-Dubai

I recognize Dubai because of its infrastructure, the building, yes it is Burj Dubai. It is the tallest tower in the world.

I got chance to visit Dubai alongside with my Umrah trip to Saudi. Visiting Dubai was only the city tour after the Umrah trip in Saudi. And I really fall in love with Dubai.

It was summer when I visited. The country infrastructure attracts me most. Some nation icons to mention are Burj Al-Arab, a glamorous hotel which costs around US$ 1 million a night a room! Palm Al-Jumeirah, it is an artificial island reclamation on 5,67 km square area built in 2001 and need 5 years total to prepare the island on the sea. From the center city to Palm Al-Jumeirah, you need to drive along the road. It is a special road, because the road lay under the sea! Just like a tunnel under the sea.

Dubai is a multi-cultural city in United Emirat Arab (UAE) and many foreigners live there, but the government is strict with the Islamic regulations. Amazingly, all of the people and foreigner follow the regulations well and able to adapt with Islamic tradition harmonically.

And sorry for the so-filtered picture, I didn’t bring any camera digital or SLR to the trip. And this is my mother in front of Dubai Mall, just blocks away from Burj Dubai.



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