Assalamualaikum Guangzhou

Hometown not hometown, my Grandma from my Dad is Chinese-Bantenese while my Granpa from my Dad is pure Bantenese. My Grandma from my Mom has the Jogja blood, and my Grandpa from my Mom comes from Banjarnegara. That makes my Dad a Bantenese gentleman and my Mom a sweet lady who loses one of so many thrones in Jogja. That’s why we are not casted in “Assalamualaikum Beijing”. LOL

And Guangzhou is pure Guangzhou with its friendly beauty just like home.

Exploring Guangzhou is a part of my China-Hong Kong-Macau Trip with a really kind aunty. We were offered a comfortable bus to drive along the cities, pick up us and our luggage. Since we only stayed in a hotel for a night in one city and then went to the other cities the next morning. Just like a flash holiday but so packed.

Sun yat-sen Memorial Hall, the first place we visited when in Guangzhou. We can get in the hall freely to look around and find many sources knowledge and history of Guangzhou and Dr. Sun Yat Sen. There is also a concert dome inside. When we arrived, the officers were preparing for the performance and some Behind-the-Scene practice. You can get inside the concert dome to look around as long as the performance is not yet began. When there is a performance schedule, you have to first buy the ticket. And the performances are all about some kind of historical theater, not a pop music concert.


Next, we drove not far from the hall to find the famous Five Goat Statue in Yuexiu Park. It is the icon of the city that represent as the city wealth. Parked your vehicle, then you should walked up the uphill road, long enough. It was winter and drizzling, the long road could make you quite frozen. And then shortly on the top, there laid the statue. And so, if you go around the statue area, you could find the other road that will lead you somewhere to tourist spot again. You have to walk down the small and long stony stair first from the statue area. Unfortunately I didn’t try to walk that other road. It was really cold and the road is really long with uphill, I swear. But the circumstances are green plant, green trees, so clean and so comfortable, so it worth the long road.



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