Splendid! Splendid! And Splendid! Shenzhen!

Flied from Jakarta to Hong Kong, and we went by land transportation to China after rescuing from a very very much crowded immigration in nowhere queue that would make you feel like rescuing from a border camp.

Shortly, Shenzhen was the first city in my China trip. And I only remember one tourist spot along the Shenzhen trip.

“Splendid China, Shenzhen, is the largest and most comprehensive miniaturized theme park in the world, covering 30 hectares.The 82 attractions have been reduced on a scale of 1:15 and located according to where they are in China. Splendid China is just like a giant map of China. These attractions can be divided into three categories: ancient architecture, landscapes, and folk culture.” – Chinahighlight

Oh yeah, maybe we stopped by the shopping district. It’s just like Orchard Road in Singapore for me. Guys, please shop wisely and properly. Don’t bargain too much, moreover if you do not buy in the end of your too-much-bargaining, they will absolutely hate it. Yes, hate it.

Here they are some pictures I’d like to share with you.



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