Indonesia Fashion Week 2014, The Official Photographer


As quick as I saw the publication of volunteer recruitment for Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 (herein after called IFW), I applied for photographer. Before that, I already have experiences being a photographer to fashion show in Jakarta Creative Week 2013, photographer to K-Pop and enjoying the professional way of photography by myself during travelling. So, I was confident to apply and I also got my portfolio nice. At that time, I was also doing my internship in What I Wear (WIW) Indonesia as a fashion journalist. But, the slot of reporting in Indonesia Fashion Week from WIW went to other intern, so I just signed up as the volunteer directly. Yeah, I really wanted to attend the fashion show, yes all of the fashion shows and they were not free to enter.


Almost to the D-Day of IFW, they didn’t contact me for further interview or announcement of selected volunteer, while my WIW internship friend told me that her photographer friend already contacted by IFW. I guessed yeah there were might be so many professional photographer were interested to apply too and they got the volunteer places more qualified than me.

But, one day before the D-Day, Mrs. Daesy Christina, the marketing director of IFW (or we called her Aunty Daesy) phoned me when I was in a café enjoyed browsing internet. Shortly, she offered me a photographer position for IFW. YAYYY!!! Woah, and she also offered me the incentive fees that I responded the amount was enough for me. Like dreams did come true, I prepared myself to the largest catwalk stage in the world, Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 (I swear really large like an ice rink).


The next day, I attended the briefing and met Aunty Daesy, she was really kind to all of the volunteers and not demanded much work from us. Great committee I stated. And I got friends easily, one who was a professional freelance photographer, one who already experienced being a volunteer to National Geographic, one who was used to be a model photographer but no more because he said that he was sick of the job. LOL.

Before the briefing ended, representative from APPMI (Aliansi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia or Indonesia Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur Association) told us to keep the internal security tightly as even the committee name tags were all kept only by one person and need to be authorized to be official and you could not even see a layer of name tag freely wasted without the owner.The event management is really tight. IFW invited blogger to come to the fashion show freely but tightly again IFW didn’t accept amateur blogger just because newbie fashion lovers who write randomly in the blog.

Soon after that, we could go around being accustom to the venue. We enjoyed seeing the exhibition booth construction, the fashion show stage lightning and big screen installation that was using Girls Generation “The Boys” music video to test the fix installation. And yes, our conversation suddenly went to K-Pop artist. Wherever K-Pop.


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