Korean Traditional Clothes in Batik by Iva Lativah

hwaning-wordpress-com4cThe first day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 began all with Muslim fashion that is more popular with the term of Modest fashion globally. The elegant, gentle and trendy parade opened by the princess convoy from Safira with the theme season “La Dolce Vita”. You can read my article about Safira fashion show here https://hwaning.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/welcome-princesses-la-dolce-vita-by-shafira/.

So, after the glamorous princesses ended, the next show is still with the sense of princesses and glamorous. None other than Iva Lativah with her theme season “Akulturasi”. Iva Lativah is not new in the fashion industry. She already got success ever since 2002 by winning the award of “Indonesia Women Image Award” and then continues to keep creating innovation in fashion.


And we can see how she innovated in Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 by performing the fusion of Indonesian culture and South Korean culture. Iva Lativah beautifully put the motive of Indonesian batik into Korean Hanbok (the traditional clothes wear by Korean women). Iva Lativah gave the playful look in long layered skirt and cropped vest with contrasting colors that makes not only Muslim women are eager to wear but also every women from different culture. The modern cut of the clothes makes her collection easy to wear daily or mix and match with other outfit. And if you are curious with the clothes material, they are made of silk, tulle, and also cotton and other material that I don’t know J

Teh Iva (that I usually call her) is really kind. First time we know each other was from the fashion show. Her boutique and workshop is in Bandung. Teh Iva always invited me to visit her but badly I’m always not yet able to come to Bandung. If you guys want to know her workshop or want to buy her collection, let’s go there together J




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