Brave White and Futuristic Cut by Danjyo Hiyoji


Seeking inspiration from youth spirit, Danjyo Hiyoji explore individuality and modernity, creating chic and flattering collections season after season, as stated in their official site. Yes, we are all agreed. As we can see on this prestigious Indonesia fashion show, Danjyo Hiyoji offered a surprising yet stunning design with the theme of “En Garde”.

On the last day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2014, En Garde appeared in the slot concept stage by Laurier. It was meant to show the strength and confidence of girl. Danjyo Hiyoji that the label is created by Dana Maulana and Syarifah Liza ashita, wrapped the show so perfectly.

Just before the fashion show, Danjyo Hiyoji gave the audience the spectacular performance from hangar girl group. Just so related to the collection, Danjyo Hiyoji introduced the touch of white, grey and blue color into the futuristic and unique cut of clothes. Most of the materials are chiffon, cotton, lace, and wool.

The collection is flexible to wear both for women and men. And smartly, every part of the collection is ready to wear for daily activities as they are available in skirt, ¾ pants, cropped vest, blouse and even gown and jumpsuit. You can mix and match the cut with other clothes. Not only that, Danjyo Hiyoji offered the reference of the footwear and headpiece matched to the outfit.

And for further information, the designers are really kind and open to their fans. The workshop is in Jakarta so you can freely come visit them, but first make an appointment with them.




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