Dracula Theater? They’re Too Glamorous To Gown by Gregorius Vici

hwaning-wordpress-com-fashion-oGregorius Vici who is originated from Central Java, already involved in fashion industry since 10 years ago. During the show in Indonesia Fashion Week, Vici brought the theme of “The Glitz” to represent the Victorian Royal period.

The collection overall looks like a Dracula concept with the black detail in every gown that were shown. Moreover supported by the curly dense colored hairdo and dark red lips as the makeup on the model, the atmosphere seemed to be more gothic.

In the slot show of “Ladies First” on the last day of the fashion week, Vici was successfully pushed all of the night gowns for ladies to astonish the audience. The combination of red, black and silver perfectly blends to the loose gown. To make the look slimmer, Vici detailed the belt to the waist. And because of the collection is for a special gown, they mostly use the material of chiffon, tulle, satin, lace and ornamented with sequin detail to make it more glamorous.




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