Fashion KODE 2014 Seoul, Was It Fashion Show Or EXO Fan Meet?


Fashion KODE 2014 (July 16-18) in Seoul impressed again. Top Korean designers gathered together like Ko Taeyong and Kwak Hyunjoo to talented emerging designers like Kye Hanhee and Hwang Jaekeun. Fashion KODE 2014 was meant to introduce new designers to Korea and the world.

To impress the international fashion community, Fashion KODE 2014 appointed super cool ambassadors like Bae Doona, who is making a big name for herself in Hollywood, and EXO, the hottest K-Pop group who is becoming a global sensation.

Two designers from Indonesia were invited to show off their collections on the KODE runaway. Through Indonesia Fashion Forward, the well-known Billy Tjong and the emerging talent, Patrick Owen brought their futuristic collections to show off to the Korean and international market.” as quoted from International Fashion Blogger in Korea (IFBK Seoul), read the more article written by me too here

hwaning-wordpress-com-5Some international and dominated by Korean designers enliven the fashion show, but I will only review Billy Tjong and Patrick Owen collection at this article.

Patrick Owen gave a special appearance to his collection at that show by collaborating with two Indonesian artists Anton Ismael and Tatiana Romanova. The two artists contributed to the stunning photography that Patrick transformed it into the smooth digital printing on his clothes. I also interviewed him a little about his idea to print on clothes collection.

Check out his theme of “Urban Couture” and “Dark Romanticism” poured to the thick fabric material combined with rich satin, silk, and wool to show up the futuristic side of the collection.

Ini kok abangnya mirip SHINee Onew terus buru-buru jadi lupa gak pake celana ya -.-“



Billy Tjong showed the feminine touch to the strong cut either for women and men ready to wear collection. You can read the full interview by me on IFBK Seoul article that I attach the link above.

Here are two clothes from his collection.

Ini banyak Hallyu idol bukan idol di Fashion Kode. Ini mirip Jo InSung gak? -.-“


hwaning-wordpress-com-2So Fashion Kode was not all about fashion and catwalk, but I think it was more to the phenomenon EXO. Yes surely, more than 50% the visitors were teenage K-Popers. And guess what? They only came when it was time for EXO to appear on the catwalk. Before and after that, they only wait outside, queuing in front of the entrance for EXO. It was super crowded and barbaric.

I myself am a great fan of EXO. But at that time a position myself as the press, so I should pay attention to my attitude.

Dude, I only went to toilet for minutes and places were all full by the fans. And see how hard I tried to catch some photos of EXO but clearly failed.


And one ore thing, there was also exhibition and bazaar inside the hall. All of the collections were gorgeous! But unfortunately, my pocket was not gorgeous 😦





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