Princesses in Kebaya Be More Mysterious and Dangerously Stunning by Anne Avantie

hwaning-wordpress-com-fashion-bAnne Avantie is a senior designer from Indonesia, originated from Central Java. She is famous in creating various of fabolous Kebaya (Indonesia women traditional gown) for 25 years successfully.

No wonder, for Indonesia Fashion Week 2014, Anne Avantie became hits to close the fashion week with a really spectacular show. Every eye goes on her Kebaya design. At that time, she brought the theme of “Legong Srimpi”. If you know the meaning, they are close to Balinese words. Yes, the concept was so full of Balinese atmosphere.

Not only using the Balinese touch, Anne also modified various Batik motive from outside Bali to the Kebaya skirt. One point that caught us fashion people is the unique motive fabric. You can see on most of the collection skirt, Anne used this fabric that later known as Poleng or Balinese fabric. Poleng is usually used to cover statue and offerings for sacred ceremony in Bali. This Poleng that has the motive of black and white checkered or flowery can easily be found in traditional market. But Anne informed us that still less designers modify Poleng to be breakthrough design. That made it really an amazing collection show.

Besides the Poleng touch, Anne pointed out her collection to be really glamorous with gold Prada and Batik. The color of red, black, yellow and even pastels combined in a graceful cut of brocade and really long cleavage of the skirts. The materials used were mostly the same material for Kebaya to shape the night gown perfectly.







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