Korean Classy Look by Screwvoll In Korea Style Week 2014

DSC_0011Screwvoll is based in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea. Carrying the theme of classy lifestyle wear, Screwvoll showed the classy side of ready to wear daily outfit during Korea Style Week 2014. At the show, Screwvoll gave the audience the collections that available for spring, summer and winter I think.

When the model walked on the runaway putted on the first collections that were fitted for spring outfit with asymmetric cut for the dress skirt and wool material. The neutral color full the wool asymmetric and long arm dresses. The next collections were fit for summer season as the material looked like cotton and sheer with short cuts to make you feel relax in hot weather. And the last collections were all thick wool and winter coat. The classy looked were so represented in those thick coats.

By the way, I visited Korea Style Week only in a day because I attend as the visitor not the press. I forgot to bring to Press ID during my Korea Summer School in a month. But because I’m too familiar with a press activity, I was agile enough to reach the press spot and of course got the most front row. Thankful too for Oppa who let me get the most front spot J





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