APEC Youth Summit 2012 Vladivostok – Russia, That Was So Almost!

05-09-2012_09-09-2012_Cumbre_APEC_Rusia_(7977268706)photo source: wikipedia

On 2012, I joined the open call for participation to the internationally big event for youth, APEC Youth Summit 2012 in Russia. APEC Youth Summit was initiated by the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev. He introduced APEC Youth Summit as an official event, which should take place as one of APEC-related meetings during Russian chairmanship in APEC in 2012. APEC Youth Summit was held at the same time with the APEC Leaders Week in September 2012. The APEC Youth Summit 2012 gathered active youth representatives from 21 member economy of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. Participants represented their countries, and specified into five focus working groups such as Agricultural Technical Cooperation, Energy, Transportation, Human Resources, Small and Medium Enterprises.

I was applying for working group on Small and Medium Enterprises and the tittle submitted was “Access to Global Market of SME and the Contribution of APEC to SME”. Here is the essay:


Small and Medium Enterprises are structurally important to APEC because in the APEC economy, they make up over 98% of all enterprises, provide over 60% of the private sector jobs, and over 30% of total employment.

In South Korea, With respect to employment, start-up enterprises play a more significant role than existing enterprises. In Russia, build partnership net on the base of business-associations, form a technology chain, make a SME zone around major industrial companies has became the country project on SMEs.

SMEs have become relatively more important, and large firms are of declining importance in terms of jobs, except in the large economies of USA and Japan. This may suggest a subtle shift of power to the larger economies at the expense of the others as the economy becomes more global.

One of the accesses for SME to a global market is to create new products that are favorite in the target countries we want to link.

It is now common to all APEC economies that they have adopted policies and programs which are designed to support SMEs, and for the most part are aimed at making SMEs more globally competitive. However, there are some policies that are indirectly discriminate the SMEs among the large firm. It is important now to ask APEC to focus also on SMEs, considering the big influences in many countries.

Over the course of the first APEC decade there has been a clear increase in the number of economies adopting policies to support SMEs. There have been sharp increases in the proportion of economies adopting one stop shops, having a single agency responsible for SMEs, providing micro finance, venture capital support, business matching services, access to government procurement markets for SMEs, and support for technology development, commercialization, and IT use in SMEs.

The main activity of this youth summit is round table discussion, FGD, and such summit with the Board of Dais to deliver one agreement as the result of the discussions between youth before present it in front of the leaders in the APEC Leader Summit. Though, no far implementation directly on the field, the suggestions from the Youth Summit were more to negotiation initiative that considered directly by the APEC countries’ leaders.

My essay was first written on 2012 and the content is still average and macro. But please remember to always quote me in full credit.

apec-school[1]source: russiancouncil.ru


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