Farming Award for Marginal Youth in Asia Social Innovation Award 2011

Fea_UN Food_Figure1

photo source: UN Gallery

Innovation is always critical in solving problems. We believe this theory also applies to social issues! Meanwhile, social issues in different Asian cities are indeed quite similar, which provides a common ground for us to discuss the solution together.

The Asian Social Innovation Award is thus created as the first step to enhance creativity and stimulation the development of social entrepreneurship in Asia.

This was my first step to be one of the change-maker. All ideas are protected under the intellectual property etiquette, just keep update in for the next step of this project.


Community development and farming award for marginal youth


Global matters nowadays are likely towards environment and social case. Earth is facing global warming and the people, especially youth, is facing a social disaster. I make an innovation for those matters at once through a community development combined with agriculture.

Community development and farming award for marginal youth can help the marginal youth in rural and urban city to develop their lives. Community development here is being held by the college students through programs such as entrepreneurship learning for youth and adult and educational teaching for kids according to elementary, junior and senior high school curriculum.

Educational teaching will lead the kids to a better educational background, plus save them from any risks considering where and how they live. Moreover, there might be a chance for them to follow the formal education at school.

Entrepreneurship learning consists of farming and agriculture innovative technique given to all youth and adult. They can learn how to farm even in an urban area. After having some times of farming method, each of them have to involve in a kind of competition to make a good farming. In the end of the farming competition, the results show the best youth with the best technique of farming. And they are worth the award of compensation costs, life costs, and entrepreneurship fund. This farming and agriculture education program will not stop after that, but the college students will keep watching and assisting the youth to develop their enterprise especially in farming and agriculture. This award is being held annually.

We could see that besides teaching the youth to develop an autonomy and life on easy street, we can also save the green spaces in our country. By keeping the youth to care enterprising their farm, we might keep the green spaces and increase the country economy through farming at once.




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