Study Application of Jeju Smart Grid Test-Bed: Smart Grid for the Solution of Smart and Eco-Tourism Infrastructure in Lombok


Here is my abstract that I wrote in late 2013 for a green infrastructure research focusing in the development of national tourism. But I really forget the name of the organizations cooperated with my research and I lost the full paper. LOL.

Once again, I really am interested to contribute in realizing my thought. Any of you would like to join my project? very welcome. 🙂


Smart Grid for the Solution of Smart and Eco-Tourism Infrastructure in Lombok
(Study Application of Jeju Smart Grid Test-Bed)

Lombok is one of thousand islands in Indonesia that becomes the tourism destination. It is located exactly in the east of Bali Island. Lombok is the main two big islands as the part of West Nusa Tenggara Island with total land large around 5.435 km² and claimed to rank number 108 largest islands in the world. Mataram is the capital city of Lombok. The island is rich with natural beauty from mountain to beach, thus makes tourism the second most important factor for the province development after agriculture. But in contradictory, Lombok is reported to be the second less electrical distributed province in Indonesia. The governor now effort in the province tourism development supported with environment sustainability.
Smart Grid is an electrical network integrates some actions connected to all of the users, starts from the generator, transmission tools, and consumer, to deliver electrical efficiently, more sustainably, economically, and safely. It is also advanced for renewable energy to reduce carbon emission.
As the activities of approaching environment sustainability for tourism infrastructure, Jeju Island in the southernmost tip of Korea Peninsula with its special self-governing, is already starts testing the technology of Smart Grid. Korea has goals to reduce CO² emission by 30% from anticipated level in 2020 and to test and evaluate Korea’s future green-growth infrastructure and services.
Meanwhile, the application of Smart Grid in Indonesia is still just conducted in one small island Sumba, it is located in south-east of Lombok. The project is mainly to test the application of Smart Grid in mass throughout Indonesia with Micro Grid.
Smart Grid is currently the Indonesia future potential project. Besides to deliver more sustainable electrical throughout Indonesia archipelago, Smart Grid will also be a solution to develop Lombok Eco-Tourism infrastructure and the local people need of complete deployment of electrical.
Keyword: Smart Grid, Lombok, Jeju, Infrastructure, Tourism.

lombok-beachphoto sources: nkloc.wordpress,,


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